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1.    A female  quail has the capacity to lay 24 eggs in one month and 288 eggs in a year
2.    Japanese quail reaches maturity in 8 weeks.
3.    Start to lay eggs in 6weeks.
4     quails small body animals which require little space
5.    Their natural food are grains, seeds, oats, feeds,etc
6.    They grow faster, eating poultry feeds
7.     The are not easily affected by harsh environmental conditions or diseases
8.    The meat is cholesterol FREE. The best for people with hypertension.
9.    The quail eggs too are cholesterol free, so can be eaten by young and old.
10. The eggs have been discovered to help improve fertility
11. The meat and eggs are good source of protein.

The classification of quail birds is thus :
Classification of Quail Birds:
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum:    Chordata
Class:    Aves
Order:    Galliformes
Family: Phasianidae
Genus: Coturnix
Scientific Name: Coturnix Coturnix
Type: Bird
Diet: Omnivore
Size (H): 11cm - 20cm (4.5in - 7.8in)
Wing Span: 30cm - 37cm (12in - 14.6in)
Weight: 70g - 140g (2.4oz - 4.9oz)
Top Speed: 24km/h (15mph)
Life Span: 3 - 5 years
Lifestyle: Solitary
Conservation Status: Least Concern
Colour: Brown, Black, White, Blue
Skin Type: Feathers
Favourite Food: Seeds
Habitat: Woodland and forest areas
Average Clutch Size: 6
Main Prey: Seeds, Flowers, Insects
Predators: Cats, Snakes, Raccoons, squirrels, dogs, cats, hawks, owls, rats and weasels
Distinctive Features: Small body size and
brightly coloured eggs

Although a small sized bird, it belongs to the same bird family as pheasants(Aparo). Quails range in size depending on the species from the Japanese quail which is around 10cm tall to the larger mountain quail that can grow up to 25cm tall. Quails are generally solitary birds and spend most of their time either on their own or in a pair with just one other quail. During the mating season, it is common to see large flocks of quails as family groups convoy together in groups of up to 100 quail individuals. Quails do not tend to migrate and therefore, spend their lives within the same area.  In some parts of the world, quails are kept as poultry birds, both for the small amount of meat that they contain and for the quail’s brightly coloured eggs. These tiny coloured eggs are seen as a delicacy in some parts of the world and can often be found on menus in posh restaurants.

Tips on how to start a quail bird farm:
You can start with matured quail birds of mixed sexes. matured quail at the rate of N300-450
You can start with quail eggs but you will need a hatchery to hatch the eggs.
All quail birds house must be well protected against predators

To establish a commercial quail farm
The following are needeInitial stock :
2,000birds(female 6weeks old- point of lay) @ N300 = N600,000
500males@ N300 = N150,000
Incubator of higher capacity ( 3,000 – 4000eggs) = N280,000
Housing units for 2500birds = N 200,000
Other cost = N100,000.

Population projection within one year.
1 Quail - Egg laid per month – 24eggs. - 24 x  12 = 288eggs in a year.
2000Quails will lay – 288eggs   = 576,000eggs/chicks

Income projection
Monthly sales 2000birds lay  48,000eggs
Sales 48,000 x N20 = N960,000monthly sales from eggs.

Quail Business can :.

1.    Sales Turnover  can  start within 9weeks.
2.    Create additional source of income to households.
3.    Increase protein intake of households.
4.    Provide lean meat(quail meat) to the aged and hypentensive people.

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