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start recovering your investment and start making profits form quail birds

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There were a lot of mouths to feed on an Egyptian building site so if you weren't employed
as a pyramid technician you were probably growing wheat, fruit and raising quail. The
Egyptians soon realised that quail were a brilliant source of protein for their workers so
established large farms for breeding them.
In fact, quail were so common that they had their own heiroglyph. If you haven't studied
Egyptian before this is a good place to start.
Step 1) Draw an owl, a quail and some water. Step 2) Put them all together and what have
you got? The word Moon of course! That's because an owl is pronounced M, quail is
pronounced Oo and the symbol for water is pronounced N. Next time you go to an Egythian
restaurant we recommend ordering an Oe Omlet.
These days, Egyptian might not be that widely spoken anymore but quail are still an
important source of food for both the meat and eggs in a lot of countries. Quail eggs are in
fact arguably more nutritious weight for weight than chickens eggs but more on that later.
Quail have features in other countries too. In the Far East records of quail go back as far as
770BC. It is thought that the Chinese quail is the ancestor of many of todays breeds. Quail
have been bred domestically for over 4,000 years.
Unlike chickens, quail are very good at flying. In fact they are migratory birds. Most migrate
by flying often traveling from as far as Africa to England. They have strong flying wings but
like to glide when traveling long distances. Other mountain quail migrate on foot from high
to low altitude in small groups.
like chicken the
word quail has found its way into the English language. The term 'quail'
means to 'shrink back in fear or cower' . This is not our experience of quail
aside this story,it also recorded in the bible that jehovah feed the children of israel with
quail meat when they requested for food while in the wilderness
Before i go on
am sure you have your reasons for buying this book,you have heard that quail breeding is a
lucrative business
you have had that its require minimal investment to get started;
well,you are right and you may be wrong also, but the reason is not far fetched. you are right
because it does require minimal investment to get started,less stressful when compared
with poultry farming and other advantages such as listed below
● 1. Requires minimum floor space.
● 3. Quails are comparatively sturdy birds .

part 2
the quick banker in animal production
● 4. It can be marketed at an early age . ( I,e: five weeks)
● 5. Early sexual maturity starts laying eggs in about sixseven
weeks of age.
● 6. High rate of egg laying 280 to 295 eggs per year.
● 7. Quail meat is tastier than chicken and has less fat content.
● 8. It promotes body and brain development in children.
● 9. they contain less cholesterol .
10. Quail meat and eggs are a nutritious diet for pregnant mothers .and lastly
● 11.the only treatment of ailments through an egg recognize all over the world
infact,you could compare it to trevo
but again like i stated earlier,it has it disadvantages which is when you don't understand the
business itself
so what do i need to know?a lot needs to known before starting any form of business and
quail business is not exempted
1.planning the business
it very important to have a business plan before going into quail farming
i would say you should have the money needed from day one to the 6th week,which is when
you start recovering your investment and start making profits,any delay in food or other
things which will be stated later could lead to loses which is not a good practice in get a plan.
more so ,that you are already a poultry farmer does not guarantee your success in quail
farming although this may reduce the initial investment as you may have some of the items
needed for quail breeding.
the following should be considered when starting out in quail farming
whether you starting afresh or as a poultry farmer,it important to have a rough estimate of
expenditures from day of purchase to production and then to sales
The market:
before even sourcing for the capital needed for this business, a market feasibility study
would be required to know if quail eggs are marketable in your location.any shortcoming in
the above list could lead to a waste of time and lose of capital
raising capital
the best form of loans this days are from agriculture development banks
if you don't have one in you state, you may decide to go to the particular state which this
banks are situated
or look for other means as stated below
Family relation
micro finance banks
and co operative society
Getting started
let me help you with my story
i got it rigth by starting quail breeding on a small scale,i did this to get a better
understanding of what i was going into.
i started from the day old chicks(this will be discussed later) went to the hatchery
myself,sorry forgot to tell you i bought the eggs for the hatchery as well
after two days, i had lost 7 chicks and in the space of 10 days, 17 quail chicks were gone(i
mean dead).
i lost most of this quail birds just for two reasons i will be discussing later,sure i had other
pitfalls but gues what, you bougth this book to avoid those pitfalls
below are the maturity level of quail birds sellable in the market..generally speaking, these
are the startup points for quail breeding old
2.1 week old
3.2 weeks old
4.point of lay
Further explanation:
day old chicks are chicks hatched thesame day you purchasing them,
the good side of getting day old chicks is the cost .
day old chicks cost the lowest,but
day old chicks have high mortality rate plus the fact that you cannot tell the male to female
ratio which is a disadvantage for a new farmer
A week old:this could be the best as a new farmer in quail breeding,why ?you may not
need to heat their pen like the day old chicks,you have reduced mortality rate to about 7
percent and the only thing needed at this point is regular feeding .but the cost is always
higher than day old chicks
Two weeks old same advantage and disadvantage as a week old chicks,but again you
don't always get this kind of chicks readily available in the market
point of lay this could be the best for your business as the chicks are now mature
,mortality rate is now reduced to about 1% and you can differentiate between female and

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