Thursday, 24 October 2013

quail birds for sale at varoius level of maturity

you may contact
08138281133 for quick response or consultation
now ,it always important to know if the the quail birds you are buying are in the best state or not.
at times you may buy some quail birds for a very expensive amount and they end up dying after another,these is not good for a start up business,the reason you may need a professional who have seen it all to get it started for you

so here they are
1 week old at 300 naira /each
2 weks old at 350 /each
3 weks old at 400 /each
4 weks old at 450 /each
5 weks     at 500
point of lay  for 550 each

wait,you may need to hatch the eggs yourself if you cannot pay this much
just call me 08138281133 and i may be able to help you out

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